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Friday, February 19th 10am-4pm

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Following a major car crash in 2013, Trishann Couvillion became severely injured and spent the next several years dealing with chronic pain and a long list of prescription medication.  Her declining health prompted her to begin a journey to find relief in more natural ways, including Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.  She quickly experienced how effective it was at helping her gain relief, but also noticed she was achieving a profound overall well-being and more focused mental clarity. It became clear that she needed to bring this to her own community in Seattle.

PEMF therapy puts pure electromagnetic energy into all 30+ trillion cells in the body, thereby increasing both energy and oxygen content, and rapidly decreasing inflammation, so your cellular system is better equipped and able to heal itself, like it's meant to. Whether you are experiencing pain from injury or recent surgery followed by inflammation and swelling, simply want to improve your physical and athletic performance, or increase your mental well-being, PEMF can help.  PEMF can also help those dealing with long term chronic illnesses.

This video, via the BEMER Group, shows an example of the potential benefits on circulation when using PEMF therapy.

On February 19th, Trishann, owner of Pulse Pro Health in Seattle, will be visiting NWCI to give free demos to any clients who would like to try it during their regularly scheduled cryotherapy visit and is available to answer questions about how PEMF could help you.

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Please note that due to COVID-19 occupancy restrictions, demos will only be offered to those with scheduled appointments.

All information about PEMF therapy provided courtesy of Pulse Pro Health.  NWCI does not recommend any treatment for any illness or disease without direction from your healthcare provider.  All modalities offered on NWCI premises are voluntary and at your own risk.