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Whole Body Cryotherapy

All Sessions Include:

  • 4 min. in our whole body cryotherapy chamber
  • 5 min. in our infrared sauna
  • 15 min. compression therapy (arms OR legs)
  • localized cryotherapy (2-3 minutes on a single area)
Initial Visit
(New clients only)
Single Session $65

Localized Cryotherapy

Single Session
(one area only, 2-3 minutes depending on location)
Six Sessions
(6 single sessions/areas)


Single Session
(10 minutes)

Compression Therapy

(15 minutes)
(15 minutes total, 7 1/2 minutes per arm OR 15 for one)


Unlimited Monthly
(2 month minimum, one session per day)
Unlimited Yearly
(one session per day)
(must show valid student ID, one session per day)

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