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New Services Coming September 2022

Combination Services

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Each Session Includes:
  • whole body cryotherapy chamber (4 min.)
  • infrared sauna (5 min.)
  • compression therapy (arms OR legs, 15 min.)
  • local cryotherapy (1 area only)

Initial Visit (new clients only)

Single Session (returning clients)



Muscle Recovery

Each Session Includes:
  • infrared sauna (5 min.)
  • Theragun percussive therapy (two areas)
  • local cryotherapy (same two areas)



Deep tissue

30 minutes (focus area only)




Solo Services & Add Ons

Local Cryotherapy

1 area only


Percussive Therapy (Theragun)

1 area only



10 minutes


Compression Therapy

arms OR legs, 15 minutes


All prices & services subject to change  |  All sales final  |  Sessions expire one year from purchase

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